Buone notizie per tutti i giocatori di Minecraft: WiiU Edition, infatti poco fa è stata rilasciata una nuova patch, che porta il titolo al pari con la versione Xbox 360 (patch 33), oltre a correggere vari bug questa patch introduce nuovi nemici, mappe e oggetti. Prima di lasciarvi al changelog completo vi ricordiamo che Minecraft è disponibile su PC, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 e PS4.



  • Armor Stand, Raw Rabbit, Cooked Rabbit, Rabbit Stew,Raw Mutton,Cooked Mutton,Rabbit’s Foot,Rabbit Hide,Potion of Leaping,Potion of Water Breathing, Salmon, Cooked Salmon, Clownfish, Putterfish, Blue Orchid, Allium, Azure Bluet, Tulips, Oxeye Daisy, Sunflower, Lilac, Poppy, Rose Bush, Peony, Double Tall Grass, Large Ferns, Prismarine Crystals, Prismarine Shard.
  • Creation (Rabbit Spawn Egg, Endermite Spawn Egg, Guardian Spawn Egg)


  • Podzol, Granite, Polished Granite, Andesite, Polished Andesite, Diolite, Polished Diolite, Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Red Sand, Red Sandstone, Smooth Red Sandstone, Chiseled Red Sandstone, Red Sandstone Stairs, Red Sandstone Slab, Sea Lanterns, Wet Sponge, Slime Blocks, Coarse Dirt, Packed Ice, Acacia Saplings, Dark Oak Saplings.


  • Fishing has now particle effects, bubbles will show up moving towards the bobber just before the player has something on the hook.
  • Treasure can now be caught while fishing
  • Treasures are now split in 3 categories
  • Fish: Raw Fish, Salmon, Clownfish, Putterfish
  • Treasure: Enchanted Fishing Rod, Enchanted Bow, Enchanted Book, Name Tag, Tripwire Hook, Lily Pad, Saddle
  • Junk: Damage Fishing Rod, Water Bottle, Rotten Flesh, String, Leather, Bowl, Stick, Bone, Tripwire Hook, Ink Sacs, Damaged Leather Boots


  • Enchanting now consumes Lapis Lazuli
  • Enchanting has now rebalanced
  • Enchanted books can receive multiple enchants at once


  • Villagers have additional profession
  • Villagers have now harvest crops
  • Villagers can only breed when willing
  • Villagers will turn into witches when struck by lightning


  • New Nether portal building rules: Any rectangular shape fron 4×5 to 23×23
  • If the portal in the nether is big enough, ghasts can travel trought
  • Will now be activated by any fire block within the frame


  • Can place pumpkins or Wither Skeletons Skulls to spawn Golems and Withers
  • Will only place them if the body of the Golem or Wither is already build, in a valid configuration


  • Anvil has been rebalanced


  • Moss Stone, Mossy Stone Bricks and Chiseled Stone Bricks are now obtainable via crafting


  • Cracked Stone Bricks and Sponges are now obtainable via smelting
  • When a furnace runs out of fuel, the smelting progress will rewind at 2x speed
  • Empty furnaces will only accept fuel and empty Buckts in the fuel slot


  • Item frames now emit a Redstone signal and can rotate in 8 directions